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stripe series 2006
Pop Art Publication: stripe series 2006
... if you're almost closing your eyes - life is passing in stripes ...

Pop Art by udO reiN on CD cover
art by udO reiN on
CD cover


POP Artist udO reiN (Munich)

Contrasts are a main theme in the artwork of Udo Rein with alias ReDo. Opposites are placed next to one another and questioned. Juxtapositions with which the artist chooses to express his ideas could not be more contrasting: Cuba, Ibiza, power, decay, regime, dictatorship, desire, energy, facade, strength, worry, war, death are shown as social inclinations in all their possible and diverse variations. Intensity is strongly expressed. The awareness of his environment sparks off powerful impulses in him, as the artist says himself, and leads to new works.

Udo Rein's works pay attention to personal, fictional and invented, but also current inter-cultural, events of our time and puts them to discussion juxtapositions full of contrasts. It can be seen how close the themes lie to one another despite apparent discrepancies and on what a narrow line thinking and being sometimes move on.

udO reiN's POP-Art :: Paintings of Contrasts

The representation of a moment, a situation, a mood or even the telling of a story is what moves Udo Rein in the choice of his themes. Unexplained and also unsolved stories challenge the artist to seek an individual solution. The pieces of puzzle are thus put together into the own story or experience of the observer and become a challenge to take up or work on topics in a new way.

Mirela Proske (quotes of an article in Stripe Series 2006)




Shanghai Art Fair 2010

Sept. 8 - 12, 2010
SHANGHAI-MART, 99, XINGYI Road, Shanghai (CN)
"Art rays G/L" shows - borderline - udo rein
hall 1 / booth C81/82
Sept 7, 2010, 7-12 p.m. Vernissage

7. Gongju Intern. Art Biennale (GIAF)

Oct. 9 - Nov. 7, 2010
Limlip Art Museum, 791-1 Gisan-ri, Gyeryeong-Myeon,
Oct. 8, 2010 - Vernissage

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